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Welcome to Core Probation and Consulting!
Core Probation is dedicated to our clients by giving them the necessary tools and skills that are needed to complete the probation successfully. Our clients will obtain the skills they need to help them make a change within themselves.

Core Probations' goal is to have our clients take the accountability for their actions by serving their probation and learn from their mistakes. Our clients are required to follow all court orders or they will be in violation for their actions.

Core understands that our Clients are humans and people make mistakes. Core gives our clients the opportunity to redeem themselves and to help them in making better decisions for their future. 

Our clients are able to maintain their lifestyle (i.e. work, school, family) while being on probation.  

Text line: 801-652-1851 
Fax Line:  888-621-9203  
Office line: 801-448-7928 ​

We look forward to hearing from you soon! And when you’re in Salt Lake City we hope you come in and visit.
Product and Services Offered!
  • Private Probation Services

  • Electronic Monitoring

  • Interlock Installation, Calibration, and monitoring
  • Document organization including email and faxing to all courts

  • Drug testing (Urine, Oral, Breath, and hair follicles)

  •  Monthly check ins by in person or through the portal

  • Providing multiple resources to our clients

  • Assessments and Prime for Life Partnership at a great cost. $90 for the assessment and $150 for the Prime for Life (16 hour education course)
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