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Phone / Fax: (801) 448-7928  
Fax: (888) 621-9203
From Mobile:  **Probation (**776228466)
Core Probation is dedicated in 2016  - in helping our Clients succeed!
Core Probation is dedicated to our clients by giving them the necessary skills and tools needed to complete probation successfully. Our clients will obtain the skills needed to help them remain out of the system for good. Core Probations overall goal is to have the clients take accountability for their actions by serving their probation and learn from their mistakes.

Our clients are required to follow court orders or they will be in violation for their own actions. Core  understands that people are humans and people do make mistakes. We give clients opportunities to redeem themselves and help them make better decisions for the future. The clients are able to maintain their lifestyle (i.e. work, school, family) while being on probation.
UA Testing Hotline: 801-675-4601
Core General (Information Only): 801-252-5318
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